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The YTT Journey

  Abrupt as it seems, I jumped into this training rather last minute as the idea came up suddenly. I have been practising yoga on and off over the years and never really progress further as I thought of myself as a normal Group Fitness instructor who is tight in

Chakras – and Healing Through It

  Another topic which provoke thoughts during the training has got to be Chakras.   So in Sanskrit, it is derived from the word “wheel,” where the physical and spiritual elements come together creating energy in the body, and into the chakras. These swirling wheels of energy align along the spine,

The Beginner Class Plan from Scratch

  Planning and writing up a beginner yoga class plan from scratch is another assignment as part of the yoga teachers’ training. Naturally the first instinct to go down the memory lane of how I, as a participant enjoy the most out of a yoga class.   I started by

A Quick Look at Sattvic Foods

  Diet is possibly the last thing, that I would ever look deeper into. Not that I am blessed with great genes that allows me to eat what I want and never gain anything, but I workout a lot in my daily life (job). As we ventured into the topic

Concrete ways to embody Asteya in your daily life

The five yamas are ethical principles by which to treat others in your life, outlined as a limb of ashtanga (eight-limbed) yoga. Applying the five yamas does not have to require drastic changes in your life. You can start small, with daily actions that are often overlooked. Read more to

What is trauma-informed yoga?

Trauma-informed yoga is a contemporary form of yoga focused on creating a conducive practice space for survivors who have experienced various forms of trauma in their lives. These traumas can include child abuse survivors, domestic abuse or sexual assault survivors, veterans and more. The principle behind creating a conducive practice

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