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Diet and lifestyle for Vata

I learnt the Dosha and Ayurvedic diet in the theory class with Satya the other day. It was a brand new field to me and I found the whole concept very intriguing. To fully understand and master the knowledge of Ayurveda may take years of dedicated studying. However, a basic

Reflections after the one-month training

Time flies, the 4 weeks of intense physically and mentally training is nearly to the end. When I look back at my intention to join the course, the true experiences actually deviate a lot from the expectations, in a good way. I signed up for the course because I wanted

Asanas and intraocular pressure

Safety is a crucial part of yoga practice and teaching. We are aware of the precautions on hypertension, diabetes, cancer and injuries. But the increase of intraocular pressure during head down poses is not widely known. Just like blood pressure, there is pressure inside of our eyes, namely intraocular pressure

Third eye vision

When Master Paalu introduced the concept of third eye in the theory class, I got a bit frustrated. I studied and worked in vision science for seven years. The held deep belief on the mechanisms of the visual pathway, the reasons how we are able to see things. In short,

Holistic Well-being (Activating Chakras and Stimulating Organs)

Yoga works in many wonderful ways. Asanas (postures) help to build a better (i.e. strong and flexible) body, whilst meditation helps to quiet the mind, and pranayama (breathing techniques) help to expand life force. Asanas also help to stimulate different organs and glands, bringing about a healthier body. Sometimes, as

Yoga and Zen (A Snippet of Their Concepts)

In modern times, people’s image of yoga is all that of asanas (postures). However, from a deeper study of yoga, we have learnt that yoga is a broad subject with many elements. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, which means “to bind”. It is ultimately the union of the