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Yoga for Children with Special Needs (ASD)

A little bit of neuroscience behind ASD To appreciate the impact of yoga on children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), let’s first understand brain waves. There are 5 main types of brain waves that oscillate in certain intensity and patterns to communicate through our brain regions. Different brain waves are

My journey with Yoga

I was first introduced to yoga in my mid-twenties, when I started experiencing shoulder and back muscular pain due to work and bad postures. A colleague at that time, who happened to be a yoga teacher, invited me to attend her lesson. It was tiring and I can still remember the

Yama and Niyama in life

I work in healthcare and through my line of work and my area of specialty, I have seen sufferings. Sufferings which comes in many forms, from the most common physical illness to psychological pain inflicted on oneself and to others. Sufferings that I told myself that I wouldn’t want to

My Little Meditation Story

The first time I tried meditation was few years back when I joined a retreat group in order to restore my health and learn about wellness. I learned that there are many benefits to meditation and the requirement are simple. One just need to sit down, relax, clear your mind,

Diaphragm and posture related to Effective Breathing

Breathing is something that we do for our whole life but don’t think much about at all. It appears like an action that is even negligible. It’s a process of inhaling air into and exhaling air out of lungs. Nowadays, with our hectic, stressful, fast pace lifestyle, a lot of

Meditative State through Sound Baths

Dhyana, or meditation, is the 7th limb of Ashtanga Yoga. It is described as the uninterrupted flow of the mind. To help us understand this, Master Sree compared our mind to a sea of fishes, or thoughts. When a thought pops into our mind, imagine it as a fish jumping