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Pancha Kosha and who we truly are

We have five layers, dimensions, to our being, our true nature. But know that who you really are, is none of those things. Every layer we’ll look at, just know that you’re not that. In yoga, we answer the question of who we are through negation, a method called neti-neti

Anatomy of downward-facing dog from a scoliosis perspective

Adho Mukha Svanasana is definitely one of the basic poses a yoga practitioner would dive into. Is it simple? Yes! Is it difficult? Also yes for people with scoliosis! For practitioners with scoliosis, our curves are different on the spine, and asanas on both sides might be extremely different. Not

Meditate to Manifest

Meditation has been a relaxation technique for thousands of years and its health benefits have been widely recognised. However, can meditation help in manifestation?  A LOUD YES AND HERE ARE SOME REASONS HOW YOU ARE MANIFESTING WITH MEDITATION!  You visualise your obstacles and take inspired actions to remove them  When

The Beauty of Yoga Therapy

What do I find interesting about yoga? Definitely yoga therapy!  Yoga therapy is the amalgamation of asanas, breathwork, mindfulness, focus, and rest specifically tailored to suit individuals. It integrates the mind and body into a union and forms a harmonious connection within our different selves. Despite not fully experiencing yoga

How Yoga Chose Me

Philosophy of Yoga: Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah. I did yoga when I was 18, a healthy teenager trying to live her life and experience life through different lenses. However, yoga did not choose me. I gave up yoga after 3 lessons because “it is not for me” at that point

What are Chakras?

In yogic wisdom the junction of the major Nadis spiral to the spine and give rise to the chakras.  The chakras are seen as centres of energy.  Prana is felt in our physical body and in our awareness where as the chakra is consider to be psychic energy.   Awaking the

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