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Yoga for Healing

Throughout my life, I never practiced yoga. I couldn’t understand all the excitement around yoga. I’m not a person who will wear fancy outfits, and all of the fashionable poses, that were pictured on social media, seemed impossible to me. Then I had foot surgery on both feet. I couldn’t

Pranayama – the art of controlling the breath

Breathing is the very essence of life. Deep, calm breathing can influence our mind and on the other hand, when we are stressed, our mind and thought can affect our breathing to be faster.Every yoga class starts with focusing on the breath. It can be deep breaths or breathing practice.

Yoga Philosophy – Santosha

Santosha yoga “santosha anuttamah sukha labhah” – Being contented, supreme joy is achieved. From 200h YTT Tirisula manual Santosha is the second of the Niyamas from Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga sutra. The word Santosha translates to contentment, being not happy or sad. Enjoying every moment of being in consciousness.

Prenatal yoga benefits

My first yoga journey started when I was pregnant. I wanted to stay fit while pregnant and make new friends. I made good mommy friends through my yoga studio. And prenatal yoga also helped me a lot physically and emotionally. Overall, both of my pregnancies were very smooth, and I

The power of meditation

Everyone knows that stress can have negative effects on the body and brain. While it is sometimes possible to eliminate the source of stress, often that is not a viable option. Some stress is unavoidable in day-to-day life. The key is therefore to manage stress. And meditation is one of

Bitilasana and Marjaryasana (Cat and Cow pose)

After having two kids and breastfeeding for over two years my shoulders became increasingly hunched. When you carry a young child you naturally round your back to carry them close to your chest. After a while, I started having serious neck and back pain which also led to bad headaches