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Yoga journey

Angel Zhang

Yoga… first, Yoga is a way to feel better in my body. It gives me the feeling to have a young body and help me to relax.

I say young body because if I practice every day Yoga, I can feel my muscles are working, my skin is healthy and my entire body become more flexible. I can also say that practicing regularly gives me more peaceful life. When I am doing Yoga, I forget all the stress and my problems, I am really focusing on positive things. It helps me to manage my feelings in my daily life and also sleep better (no dream and deep sleep). I am zen!

My background

I use to practice Yoga when I was in China… I was missing the benefits since I am in Singapore. I think I really need to practice this sport to feel perfectly good in my body and in my life. Yoga is mainly helping me on the following points:


Yoga has improved my concentration. I’m not always able to clear my head, but with time, I control my thoughts a little better when necessary: I focus on a point in my vision, or feeling (my breath).

Physical improvements

This is also one of the pillars of yoga, my body has gained a much better balance: I have learned to seek my core muscles, but also to counterbalance my various members according to the situation to avoid falling.

Better understanding of myself

The knowledge of the body and its potential extends its benefits to the emotional and mental sphere. I am more focused. I learn to trust more, to dare, but also to protect myself. I try to emphasize this positive in my live.

Yoga is a concentrate of good things and helps me to live a good life.


Angel zhang



  • 能起到缓解身体疲劳、舒经活络,动作进行时,能量会通过脚跟开始向上到膝关节的腘绳肌一直再向上传递,能量的流动使腿、臀、腰、背、胸的肌肉得到强化,同时也强化了整个神经系统,加大心脏血流量,起到调节血压、稳定情绪的作用。
  • 锻炼到腿部内侧的肝、肾两经,能有效的激发人的肝和肾经的气血,改善肾功能,因为在臀部向上抬的过程中,会阴穴的位置是自然收紧的,这个穴位平时很难按摩到,但在这个体式中却能够得到充分的刺激。


8 limbs of yoga

Angel zhang


Samadhi is the final stage of the spiritual path and it is also the 8th limbs of Yoga. Although it is called in various ways – Satori in Zen practice, Nirvana in Buddhism, or the state of divine perfection in Christianity – it is in fact the same supreme condition of the human being.

I did some research and I can say that the reality of the state of Samadhi must be lived : it is not enough to learn information about it or try to imagine, because, anyway, this is impossible. The truth of his existence outside the actual experience is only a part of the truth. Samadhi, the state of divine ecstasy super conscious represents the final stage in Yoga, the total fusion between the knower, the object of knowledge and the knowledge itself.

So, meditation (Dhyana) can be represented by a triangle: here is the consciousness of the knower (the mediator), which is sought to be known (the object of meditation) and the action to know the object of meditation. These aspects are distinct. In Samadhi, they work together, they blend into each other, becoming the same thing.

In Samadhi, the subject of mental concentration and deep meditation has to go alone in the consciousness of the yogi. The ultimate goal of any spiritual seeker is the total communion with himself, characterized by the lack of any fluctuations of the mind, imagination and other external changes. This is when the mind stops the game where the doubts disappear, and the consequences of our past and present actions are destroyed.

Being in SAMADHI withdraws its consciousness of the object of meditation, the splitting itself. In doing so, it is a state where the object of knowledge is the knower, the process of knowledge. This condition is sometimes described as “empty” (Shunya), because of the contrast with the apparent fullness of objectivity that preceded it.

DISEASE :High Blood Pressure

Angel zhang

Yogasanas are good and can be very helpful for those who have high blood pressure problems.

Practising bring, as I said before, a lot of benefits. If people choose their exercise with an expert, Yoga can be considered as part of the medication for some diseases. They can improve their blood and oxygen circulation in all the body. But reduce the stress and tension is very good for these people as well by controlling the respiration and their mindset.

Last but not least Yoga channel strength in the all the part of the body and helps it to repairs itself.

The following Yoga exercises will help the people with high blood pressure problems: the sitting and lying on back that put the spine in a horizontal position, and less pressure on the heart can be therapeutic. These are the recommended positions: Sukhasana / Bhramari pranayama / Janusirsasana / Paschimotanasana / Shavasana / Setu Bandhasana / Shishuasana. These positions relieve stress and relax the nervous system, which reduces blood pressure.

There are also several asanas that should be avoided by people with high blood pressure. For example, Vrksasana should be practiced without arms raised overhead. Utthita Trikonasana should be modified, turning his head to look down, leaving the hand at the waist instead of lifting this up. Virabhadrasana 2 and 3, Adho Moka Vrksasana and Sirsasana should not be practiced by all people with hypertension.