My Journey to Yoga

I am a sports fanatic and love to explore new training experiences, but I never liked yoga.  Because the first and only yoga class I attended about 8 years ago, was hopelessly boring.  On top of that, it mislead me that yoga is all about lying, meditating, a bit of stretching and too much of relaxing.  That’s why I never liked it.  And actually that’s also why I signed up the course, to relax and start with some soft movements to recover slowly back on track after my operation.  But, I was completely shocked by its intensity, yet overwhelmed by its power, flexibility and balance, that’s the part of yoga I didn’t know!  Now I finally realized why there’re so many people like yoga.  As yoga is not only about fascinating muscles or attaining perfect pose, it unites mind, body and soul, and helps people to be present.
In a culture in which we rush from one day to the next, constant trying to change our heath, body, emotions, or to plan our future, yoga opens up the possibility of connecting to what we already have – to who we already are.  4 weeks of kick-ass workout, my body feels stronger than it did when I was in full training mode for boxing.  It felt good to sweat.  It felt good to accomplish poses I didn’t know I could.  Most of all, it felt good to feel stronger.  Not only the course provides me with physical workout, it also forced me to face my own ego as I struggled to balance, dared myself to hold a pose longer, and felt my muscles burn with exertion.  I found out where I was weak, and where I was strong, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.
I am so grateful for Tirisula Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Course, it opened my eyes to a new physical and spiritual journey.  I started learning to love yoga.  I am a complete beginner, nowhere near flexibility and haven’t gained back my physical strength, but I will keep on trying, and I look forward to continuing my yoga journey for the years to come.
Thank you Master Paalu.  Thank you Wei Ling.
Clare K.