FT YTT 200 Hours #01

One year ago, I was really new to yoga. Just like anybody else in general, we know what is yoga but we don’t know what is yoga all about. What we know about is just it’s a practice to keep you healthy and some people would like to find their inner peace through it and having some moments with yourself once or twice a week as a short escape to the daily hectic schedule.

The first class that I attended in Tirisula Yoga was Hatha 1 with Master Sree. After first 15 minutes I realized that it was a torture class. I saw almost everyone was struggling especially when we were doing core exercise. In the end of the session, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was a good torture. And I wanted to do it again. I felt pretty good that I was able or not able to control my body because I was working hard to it. One year with yoga is a really short period for the yoga journey but it means something to me. I am proud of myself that I am still doing it happily and I couldn’t thank more to Master Sree and all the yoga teachers in Tirisula Yoga that keep me motivated.

It’s almost end of 2019 and I would like to end this year on a high note. I am lucky enough to have the flexibility to take the full time YTT 200 hours.
Warning: this is not an ordinary class. The physical training is intensive. The study is massive. You will never be prepared enough for it. There are a lot to process everyday and I am still learning it. The more I know, the more I realize how much I don’t know.

And now I’ve learned that yoga is not about asana only. It’s the union of our mind, body, and spiritual. There are a lot theories in our training course which is not easy for me to understand some times. May be one day I will, or may be I will never. I always love the mindfulness for everything but in reality how much could I practice it. Que sera, sera. Probably I am unable to change the events that happen to us in life, but we can choose how we respond to them. I don’t have to a great person all the time but what I know is doing small thing in the great way is the best thing I can do at the moment.

I would like to believe everything happens for a reason and eventually all things fall into place. And meanwhile I just have to laugh at the confusion and live the best for the moments. I am glad that I’ve made the decision to come to yoga and taking YTT 200 hours. It’s right because I feel good about it. You can never go wrong doing the right thing.

I am sure I wouldn’t be a different person after this training course, but definitely I will be a better person. And I am looking forward to it.


P.S.: I started yoga one year ago because it was in my new year’s resolution to try something new in 2018!