yoga is more than physical exercise

Before attending the yoga training program I thought yoga just a type of exercises which more suitable for me to lose weight and makes my body more flexible with a lot of awesome poses. Most of time I focus on the physical body much more than my mind. When the master Paalu taught us about the eight limbs of ashtanga yoga I feel very impressive by the knowledge behind the sample words.

Like “YAMA”, when you do one action, you are in the position of WIP, you are locking up the other things which make you lose of the balance. How to balance yourself due to external stimuli? There are some tricks, living in the truth, be neutral don’t justify your action, don’t violent other people, and way is how you wanted to treated by others you have to treat them first.

How to balance yourself when you are fell sad or angry? I feel meditation really helps. If you wanna like master Paalu 50 years old but looks like 35. You have to do your meditation 10 mints a day for at least 10 years. Belief me it helps more than the korea mask and also helps you save a lot of money.