Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy, philosophy of yoga.


Such a simple four letter word, Yoga.
Not everyone can write it, but most can.
Not everyone can spell it, but most can.
Not everyone can learn it, but most can.
But, how many can truly understand it, mindfully practice it, master it?

Yoga gives us a hint.
Yoga points us to the direction of a happy, healthy and peaceful life we all craves for.

It awakens us to our bodies, what our body can do or not do.
It awakens us to our weaknesses and strengths.
It awakens us to our self-doubts and capabilities.
It encourages us not to belittle ourselves, not to push our bodies beyond our physical or mental limits.
It connects us to us, our inner self.
It encourages us to be a ‘work-in-progress’ for ourselves rather than a show-case for the world to comment, judge or ignore.
It reminds us to believe in ourselves, for our self.
It nudges us to improve ourselves, for our self.

How many has trusted it, believed in it, and succeeded in the ways of Yoga?
Many of us, are still a ‘work-in-progress’.
We have a long journey inwards to find our very own self.

Ann A.A