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Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana A, B, C and D
I have had a 2 years contact with yoga before I hit my 30s. At that time, it was a breeze to me, being younger than I am today, I was more flexible and stronger. Initially, I thought taking up Yoga Teachers’ Training, YTT, will be as easy as it was years back.
Boy! Am I wrong!
I had always thot that yoga itself was a deep stretch for people to elongate their muscles or for people who does hardcore sports to loosen out their tighten muscles. It was for me, back then.
But I have since came to understand, with stretch and ability to hold and execute a posture beautifully and to look effortless, it actually takes practise and EFFORT!
It was pure torture the initial 3 days. Especially after 2 long years of stand-down from exercises due to Covid-19, I experienced the re-birth of my Triceps, Latissimus, Glutes and Core!
Welcome back GIRLS, Woohoo!!
I was assigned by Master Sree to look into this Standing Pose, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana, A, B, C and D
Extended same side hand to big toe pose.
A. Extended hand to big toe, to the front, looking front of nose tip
B. Extended hand to big toe, to the side of body, looking to opposite side from corner of eye.
C. Extend both hands to calf, bring to front of face, as much as possible. Looking through the extended leg’s toes.
D. Both hand on own hips, extend the leg, toes pointing forward, lifting the extended leg as high and straight as possibly possible. At the same time, looking through the pointed toes.
For the execution of the above poses, please do them with a HAPPY SMILE, tough call, but understand that we ARE doing it for the betterment of our body’s health, strength and cardio status.
Most importantly, concentration, perfection of the poses in mind. FOCUS.
The sessions are gruelling. BUT, I enjoy the “torture”
Each day ends with the knowledge that I did better than yesterday, I am stronger than yesterday, I straighten more than yesterday.
I lifted my legs higher today.
I straightened my legs more today.
I engaged my core more today.
I balanced better today.
Then list goes on.
Yoga poses may not build you up like Dwayne Johnson or the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
But believe me, the stealth in your body is there, with each practise of the poses you do daily, the steel in your muscles develops and improves.
Deltoideus Medialis
Pectoralis Minor
Core Muscle Group
Vastus Medialis
Vastus Intermedius
Bicep Femoris
Flexor Digitorum
Tibialis Posterior
Latissimus Dorsi etc ………..
And the list goes on, there is no muscle not engaged in the poses held.
At least non that I know of.
With this I sign off, I shall go back to my practise of perfection and gravity resistance training of the graceful poses of yoga.
Ann A.A