Yoga Nidra

i get all excited thinking about going on and on with this topic! haha; and im sure many of you know’s the reason why. c’mon who doesnt when you know you can finally unwind through the day, the week’s or even the month’s worries, troubles or just tiredness in a simple shavasana (corpse pose) and allow the mind to just drift into whatever fairytale land we have in our kiddiest state, or even better, in a state of complete blankness and just shut off the world and the mind and the soul. (wow, typing this now in the sunny weather blasting outside my window, i just want to retreat into this state like IMMEDIATELY,plsss)

Yoga Nidra, definded as a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs,  is also known as yogic sleep or sleep with awareness, is a relax and rejuvenation technique that was originated manymany centuries ago.  Initiated to induce a full body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness, this is one easy practice that is becoming very well liked by people these days due to our hectic work schedule that even in our sleep, we dream of our work, school and more stress! Therefore, this has been proven to be more effective in the form of psychic and physiological rest than our conventional sleep !
Normally done with a guided teacher around, this yoga nidra can also be done on your own if your already familiar with the sequence. so, help yourself, get rid of all the unnecessary tensions around the muscles, your emotions, and mentally. Do this at least 3 times a week and you’ll eventually find the difference in you and allow the new self to strut down the street with confidence without slouching the back, without the heavy burdens bringing you down anymore!
and this is my favourite part of the relaxation text:
“Feel the breath, Feel each inhalation as it enters the body, and each exhalation as it exits the body. Let the breathing be soft, full, easy. Continue to observe the breath, letting your body sink deeper and deeper into relaxation. Let the body sink deeper and deeper into the support of the floor”
“You feel the gentle warm breeze on your face, in your hair and under your feet. You feel yourself sinking down into the sand a little as it supports your whole body. Your body is feeling heavy and relaxed; Feel the breath, let it slow down deeply, let your tummy rise as you breathe in and tummy fall as you exhale. You lay there for awhile, hearing the waves,feeling the soft warm sand beneath you.”
Relax. Rejuvenate to a Whole New You.

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  1. just an extra tip for this, lay the body in accordance to Earths magnectic field does even more wonders for yoga nidra.
    head on the south legs on the north. Also practising it during Brahma Muhurtha increases Self-Awareness.

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