Yoga – Lifelong Companion on my Self-Discovery Journey

Yesterday marked the mid-point of the Weekend YTT March 2018 course.

My thoughts thus far? Yoga is a journey of self-discovery.

I still recall the first lesson when we warmed up with five rounds of each of Surya Namaskara A and Surya Namaskara B consecutively. Everyone around me was flowing like water and I was, well, obviously THE fish out of water. It was inevitable that I felt disappointed with myself and wondered if my registration for this course was too premature. But hey, what was I here for? I was here to learn! After that day, I walked out of class gaining more exposure to asanas that I did not know of and having a glimpse into the universe of yoga. Every weekend thereafter was an unveiling of the many facets of yoga and familiarising the body with the various asanas and pranayamas.

Even though I can’t flock with the crows yet (with Kakasana) or part with Paul (the wall), the little achievements like being able to go upside down or to do Chakrasana are reminders that there is a time for everything, as long as I keep trying.

There are only five weeks remaining before the course ends. Someone once asked me would I have signed up if this was not structured as a YTT course? My answer is an absolute yes. I would love to have yoga as my lifelong companion beyond the tenure of this course. There is something about yoga which calms me down even if it might simultaneously be the potential cause of my frustration. The least that I could do is to understand more about this companion and to practise responsibly.


Hou Lijun

Weekend YTT March 2018 Course

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