How Yoga Has Helped Me!

How yoga has helped me.

I am a stay home mother of two. I discovered yoga 2 years ago when a friend invited me to join her yoga practice weekly. The feeling of finding peace in side of me when practicing yoga, was the kind of feeling I had never found in myself. I could go inside myself, close my eyes and feel my body. I found that peace that is so hard to find when you are busy to raising children, but so important for me to be a better mom. Yoga was my way to shift my perspective in life again. I could discover that life is magical, every moment is magic if you are fully present. Yoga help me to be calm and be centered. It is a process of self discovery to become a better person not just for you, but for the ones around you. I went deeper into my practice. Now that I almost complete the 200 hr YTT and I really fall in love more with yoga. Yoga is part of my life and helps me to see the world different with a new hope that there is always a new beginning, a new morning, a new fresh start.

~Chen Yuan-Ting