Yoga As A Lifestyle

Yoga has become a trend in recent years. It seems that people  in yoga outfit has also become popular everywhere. Yoga seems to become a part of our life style these days. But, what is a life style with yoga besides wearing tight yoga pants and attending many classes in yoga studios? While yoga has become a expanding culture, yoga lifestyle means something entirely different. It has nothing to do with the style of yoga people practice, their style of clothing, the type of work they are involved in.

Yoga lifestyle is about one’s internal values: What motivate people to do what they do daily? Yoga lifestyle is also about the process: How one goes about performing their daily activities or actions. That person can be a factory worker, a carpenter, a construction worker, a student, a school teacher, a yoga instructor, or a mother. These external descriptions can constantly change. They only describe a temporary occurrence. Our essence should stay the same. Our core values determine who we are and whether or not we are living a yoga lifestyle.

~Chen Yuan-Ting