Yoga: A fearless adventure

The decision to take up YTT course is not on impulse.  It is in fact, something that had been in the back of my mind in the last 10 years. I’ve always been fascinated by Yoga,- not just on a physical level (looking all so graceful and strong while doing a beautiful Bhujangasana), there is something more about Yoga that captivates me.  But it was only NOW that I had decided to do it – when I have to look after a 2 year old toddler, a 6 month old baby and manage a business all at the same time. Why? Some of my friends ask. My answer is I felt a calling, I just have to do it, it is now.

To date, I’ve survived half of the YTT 200hr course with Master Paalu and Master Satya, and in all honesty, I have come prepared for the course, and yet unprepared at the same time.  Prepared, as I know I will need to commit certain number of hours to study, to practice asanas and prepare for exam.  With no other prior experience in Yoga practice, before this course, I am prepared to work hard.  

Unprepared is, the two teachers are so dedicated and committed to their teachings, I come home everyday with so much information to internalise and process!  Oops, and sore muscles of course.  Though I have been training 5 days a week on a daily basis prior to YTT, I still struggled with stamina, flexibility and strength. My core wasn’t strong enough to do a full Navasana (thanks to baby No.2), and I dreaded Urdhva Dhanurasana. But the two teachers never once give up, they kept pushing to help us build stamina and strength.

Who says getting certified to be a Yoga teacher is easy? No! One needs to work hard, have the self-discipline, focus, commitment and the guts to pick yourself up from each failed attempt at Sirsasana and to try again, telling yourself: never give up!

To embark on the journey to become a good yoga teacher is to first become a fearless student.

                    “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

It’s been a rewarding journey of self-discovery.  Namaste!