Pranayama: Expansion of vital energy

‘Pranayama’ essentially means an expansion of the vital energy (prana).  By practising pranayama on a daily basis, we are effectively regulating and lengthening this precious vital energy, “the force” that keeps us alive. 

In this modern society, stress, expectations and commitments have taken a toil on our body, mind and soul.  When one experiences self doubt, tension, worries, fear, uncertainty, the vital energy (prana) that flows along nadis (energy channels) leading to our chakras (energy centers) is greatly affected.  

Regularly practising of pranayamas will help to purge out toxic thoughts – negative thoughts such as self doubts, which affects one’s self esteem and confidence, relieves tension and calm the nervous system, clear foggy thoughts, still the mind and keep one grounded and focus. Blocked Nadis and chakras as a result of negative energy and thoughts can be cleared resulting in one feeling not only more energetic, and also stronger and more focus mentally.

Feeling frustrated or angry or constantly in the fight or flight mode? Try this cooling pranayama – Ujjayi  (Victorious breath) to calm and soothe your unsettled mind.  This pranayama is also excellent for the thyroid and parathyroid glands-the glands that are responsible for regulation of metabolism. It also helps to expand the rib cage, increase lung capacity, reduce stress and anxiety.

Practising pranayama has now become one of the most important task on my daily to-do list before I start a brand new day. Practising 20 palms x 3 sets of Kapalahbhati helps to wake up and energize the body, rejuvenate and invigorate the mind. I love the feeling of lightness in the body and mind with each session.

Asanas practice is often the limelight in Yoga, most people are concerned with achieving the perfect alignment, or pose.  Little do we know that by conscious breathing (control, expand and elongate each deep breath) in the form of practising Pranayama, it can also change and influence every aspect of our life and enhances the yoga practice.