Normally we usually play sports for the theme of “body worship.” To keep the line, control cholesterol, fell strong… etc.. We also focus it to “clear the mind.” Forgetting the tensions of accumulated, and avoiding the problems of day to day, is another of our objectives.

But when we  practice  yoga, in addition to being phenomenal for the two previous options, a third appears: maintain a healthy and radiant skin. We create the right conditions for the blood to oxygenate well, and reach every corner of our body to nourish all the cells.

With the exercise of the Asanas (it is the name by which the postures that we practice in yoga are known), the skin recovers a healthier tone and the expression lines are attenuated.

In addition, we strengthen all the muscles, eliminate tensions and favour the proper functioning of all organs and viscera.

Then: Would you like to feel it??  Just practice yoga