Yoga & Me

I’m a lazy person in sports, I didn’t do much of exercise in my daily lifestyle. However, I do attend yoga classes occasionally. After having my two kids, I have stop exercise completely. My times are all occupied by my kids and family matters.

I start doing yoga again a year back, when I’m pregnant with my 3rd child. I had very bad back pain, which I don’t feel it during the previous 2 pregnancies. After gone through some research on back pain remedy, I have decided and attended Pre-natal yoga classes. After attended a few classes, I know I had made a right choice, because the pre-natal yoga practise not only cured my back pain but also has changed my perception on yoga as compare to what I know about yoga few years back.

Since then, I continue to practise whenever I have free time because I really see a benefit and started to see a change in my body (although now I still have my post preggy tummy, I’ll work hard for that). I understand that yoga is not just an exercise routine, it has more. This is the reason I sign up for the 200YTT to learn more about yoga.