What are Chakras?

In yogic wisdom the junction of the major Nadis spiral to the spine and give rise to the chakras.  The chakras are seen as centres of energy.  Prana is felt in our physical body and in our awareness where as the chakra is consider to be psychic energy.   Awaking the kundalini requires the prana to enter the sushumna or central energy channel.   Each chakra has a unique location, energy and symbolism of and what we can do to balance it. 


Root chakra

Muladhara is found at the base of the spine it symbolises our present energy.  The cohesiveness of matter, instinct, security survival and our own human potential

Too much: feelings of greed, stubbornness, and being under load both emotionally and physcially.

Too Little: feeling untethered and disconnected from your physical needs

Affirmations and balance: Mediation focused on groundness and affirmations such as ‘I am safe’ ‘I am security’.


Sacral chakra

Svadhisthana –  found in the sacrum it is related to our base emotions, creativity and sexuality.   In this chakra we deal attachment to things our aversions, our likes and dislikes. 

Too much: easily gives in to temptations and often hypersexual

Too Little: difficult to experience pleasure and engage in creativity.

Affirmations and balance: Don’t neglect your sexual well being, cultivate it and enjoy the flow of this energy as it delights you.  Affirmations  ‘I am creative’ ‘I accept my body.’


Solar plexus chakra

Manipura is related to transformation,  it is a shift from simple emotions to complex emotions.  It is associated with adrenal glands 

when the third chakra is in balance, you’ll have a strong sense of autonomy, self-esteem and the ability to persevere.

Too much: feel hot headed, arrogance 

Too Little: shy and withdrawn

Affirmations and balance:  ‘I am confidence’ ‘My mind and body is calm and at peace.’


The seven chakras


Heart Chakra

Anahata is found around the heart and related to our sense of love, compassion, wellbeing.  This chakra goes beyond emotions and the idea of being loved until we understand that we become love it self. 

Too much: unhealthy level of concerned others 

Too Little:  limited compassion and emotion

Affirmations and balance: Add heart opening yoga poses to help balance and restore this chakra.  Affirmations include  ‘I am love’ ‘I forgive myself and others’



Throat chakra

Vishuddha the throat chakra is about speaking truth and communicating as a form of expression.  When it’s in balance, we can speak our own truths and also actively listen to the truth of others. 

Too much: struggles to be silent and overly talkative

Too Little: unable to communicate and only a limited ability to express yourself

Affirmations and balance: practice active listening techniques to build balance.  affirmations include ‘I speak my truth’ ‘I am clarity’ ‘I am a good communictator’



Third eye chakra

Ajha is found between the eyebrows and held as the chakra of light and awareness. Through this chakra we learn to live as pure insight.

Too much: distorted views and perceptions

Too Little: unable to see the world clearly. 

Affirmations and balance: practice pranyamas such as kaplabhati and meditation.  affirmations include ‘I love my intution’ ‘I am a good decisionmaker’



Crown Chakra

Sahasrara is located on the crown or top of the head.  It is considered to be the seat of conciousness.  This charkra is what allows you to connect to your spirituality, to go deeper than just your concious self.  It is how we do more than survive but thrive at life. 

Too much: disconnection from the world

Too Little: lack of faith 

Affirmations and balance: practice stillness, calming pranyamas and inversions.  affirmations include ‘I am connected to universe’ ‘I am true to myself.’ 

According to this ancient philosophy, when your chakras are in balance you will live a happier healthier life.