How Yoga Chose Me

Philosophy of Yoga: Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah.

I did yoga when I was 18, a healthy teenager trying to live her life and experience life through different lenses. However, yoga did not choose me. I gave up yoga after 3 lessons because “it is not for me” at that point in time. Fast forward 6 years later, I was in a mess in life. I had fallen from almost 4 meters in height and even though it did not cost my life, I broke my heel and compressed my spinal vertebrae. There I was lying on the bed for 6 months, with nothing but an unsettling mind. One day, something in my mind called out to me and I pulled out my yoga mat. All I did was yoga mudra (which I did not know the name of the pose at that time) and meditated for a good 15 minutes, which I was hella proud of. I was unable to do any major poses due to my recovery phase but I keep trying every day, clearing my thoughts and breathing through the practice. And finally one day, I was holding a downward-facing dog on my heels with a clear and sound mind. YES, MY ONCE FREAKING BROKEN HEEL! That’s when I knew yoga chose me. As I move out of the broken and sad body, I seem to understand the body and the pain it was going through. I tore myself away from the pain and breath of my body. I became more conscious of the ripple effect of my thoughts on my body and started to watch my thoughts from a third-party perspective. As my mind is free of prejudices against my own body, I became calmer, peaceful, and blissful. I practiced asanas, pranayamas, and meditation daily for 6 months and here I am, almost to the end of my YTT 200 training. Indeed, consciously creating the life I want is a yogic way. I know that yoga has chosen me as I create my path on this spiritual journey without prejudices in my mind. 

Only when the mind is free from thoughts then one could practice yoga. 

Namaste, Crystal