The Beauty of Yoga Therapy

What do I find interesting about yoga? Definitely yoga therapy! 

Yoga therapy is the amalgamation of asanas, breathwork, mindfulness, focus, and rest specifically tailored to suit individuals. It integrates the mind and body into a union and forms a harmonious connection within our different selves. Despite not fully experiencing yoga therapy as a yoga practitioner with scoliosis, I truly believe that it is a valid and grounded methodology for unlocking pains and knots within our physical bodies. As yoga therapy works to relieve symptoms of conditions, it is merely a tunnel to holistic healing with the mind-body-soul connection. Through a collection of scientific journal articles, here are 10 benefits I have gathered to prove the importance of yoga therapy. 

  1. Reduces stress
  2. A non-pharmacological mind-body intervention to reduce anxiety and depression.
  3. Creates a balanced flow of energy throughout the body to achieve immunity
  4. The gradual loosening of muscles and tissues – thus reducing aches and pains
  5. Builds muscle mass and maintains it – thus protecting from bones and joints conditions 
  6. Increases proprioception and balance
  7. Increases blood flow, red blood cells, and oxygen to body cells 
  8. Improves lymphatic drainages thus reducing toxins 
  9. Encourages a sense of mindfulness and accepting body in its comfort
  10. Slows down the aging process 

With yoga therapy, it can truly bring peace to those who are struggling to breathe, create movements when nothing can be moved, and generate peace in chaotic bodies and minds. Isn’t that beautiful? 

Namaste, Crystal