Meditate to Manifest

Meditation has been a relaxation technique for thousands of years and its health benefits have been widely recognised. However, can meditation help in manifestation? 


  1. You visualise your obstacles and take inspired actions to remove them 

When thinking about reaching your goals, one will certainly face challenges. Therefore, it is important to see what are the negative blocks that are weighing you down and looking inward to seek your inner voice can often give you the best ideas to bring them down. Visualization also brings us to the potential future we could be in and this desired state could infuse immediate actions to physically bring us to it. 

2. You align with the universe and thus allowing energy to flow through you better

Flowing with the universe is certainly a difficult chore to be done as everyone is often infused with chaotic thoughts and minds. With meditation, you remove distractions and negative beliefs – the two major blocks to manifesting. As we focus on tuning inwards, we need to set ourselves on the receiving end of the universe. We surrender and allow nature to take its course but we must prepare our mind-body-soul to align with it. 

3. You train your intuition and make bold choices 

As we flow with the universe and surrender to nature, the greatest and boldest ideas could occur during meditations. Should you believe it, these could be the signs from the universe and upon receiving them, only the good will happen to you. Intuition can also be a form of vibration and as you enhance these vibrations, your energy will be able to reach greater heights, one that you’ve never imagined

4. You dream, focus, and surrender to your beliefs

As we engage with our visualisation through meditations, it brings immense clarity of thoughts and allows us to just focus and surrender to our dreams. We are grounded in the core belief in ourselves, usually the goals we have, and as a result of this focus of attention, we are able to attract what we crave. 

5. You are secretly affirming your current and future self 

Subliminal laws of attraction are hidden affirmations that you may have heard in your day to day life but do not obey. Only when the conscious relaxes, then the subconscious would take over with these affirmations. Such affirmations could ground us deeper toward our goal since we infuse positivity and self-beliefs into our inner voice. Imagine hearing music or from others that you have such a beautiful soul… Wouldn’t your inner voice further emphasize it?

Manifesting is such a beautiful law of attraction from the universe and meditations could certainly allow us to reach that desired state faster, calmer and happier. 

Namaste, Crystal