Thank You

I would like to dedicate this last blog post to the wonderful people of Tirisula Yoga.

I signed up for my 200hr YTT course with IHA Yoga. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I was informed, 3 days before the first day of course, that I will be doing my course at Tirisula Yoga instead. This very last minute change was disconcerting and rocked all my carefully thought out logistics planning for the duration of the course. Still, I tried to keep an open mind and wanted to believe that things would work out well.

First day of course at Tirisula, I made my way up many steps. My nervousness was relieved by the happy faces of Hui Yan, Master Paalu and Stella. Something about their smiles told me it would be a great few months. Because of the difference in the course duration between IHA yoga and Tirisula Yoga, I had to do “extra” one-on-one classes in order to complete my course on time. I know this has caused inconveniences and scheduling out of the ordinary. All the teachers at Tirisula went an extra mile to make sure I would complete on time. I am very grateful for this flexibility and for the extra effort put in by the teachers. I was never once made to feel bad and the teaching wasn’t in any way diluted just because it was a one-on-one lesson. In fact, I felt quite special to get one-on-one time. 🙂

In these 3 months of course, I truly enjoyed myself. The curriculum is very balanced between asanas, theory, group work and teaching. But none of this would be possible without the great team at Tirisula Yoga.

At the end of the day, it was the Tirisula team’s warm hearts, ready smiles, flexibility and a deep desire to impart knowledge that I am happy to have experienced. Thank you Master Paalu, Master Wei Ling, Hui Yan, Stella, Kim & Pamela. The amazing team spirit would bring Tirisula Yoga far, that’s for sure.



Cheryl Li (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 wkn)