Indepth of yoga with pranayama

I instantly fell in love with how the practice of yoga allowed me to find peace and harmony in my life. I always felt I need a regular yoga practice to be the perfect counterbalance that I needed for my busy stressful corporate life . I never imagined the sheer joy, happiness and silence yoga could bring to me . Through practice I got a feeling of being more centered and the feeling of self awareness increased. Breathing is a simple act we have performed since the moment we were born. I found the act of breathing to be the most fascinating thing. It is completely subconscious yet we can exert conscious control. The driving force behind our breath is one of the most important muscles in the body , the
diaphragm. Understanding exactly how our body performs this extraordinary act can bring us deeper into our pranayama breathing practice. It is a muscular act yet controlled by the laws of science that govern molecules of gas. Anuloma viloma and Nadi shodhana pranayama in a day is best to de stress the mind and release accumulated tension and fatigue. Works therapeutically for most circulatory and respiratory problems. The theory module of the 200hr TTC covered the anatomy of the respiratory system which gave me a greater insight of the mechanics of breathing like different stages of breathing, kinds of breathing , organs used in breathing and process of breathing . Pranayama conditions our body to do more difficult asanas with ease. Asana practices are useful for getting steadiness of the body were as pranayama is useful to get steady mind but they are interrelated . I love the recitation of ‘AUM’ after the breathing practices which really helps me to feel grounded and I try to view any situation through a lens of gratitude for what is right. Yoga was not always easy for me as I have tight body but what I have learned in the first week is that yoga is so much more than the poses and what I have learned more than anything is acceptance where I am in the practice .
Sep 2014 200 hr TTC