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Ahimsa: non-violence starts from within

According to Oxford dictionary, ahimsa means non-violence; respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others. It is easy to see that as human beings, we should treat others with respect and avoid any form of violence. It means we should not kill, hurt or harm other living

5 ways to practice Saucha everyday

Saucha means purity of mind and body. 1. Declutter: start with organising your desk at your study, then look to declutter your room followed by the whole house. 2. Eat clean: Observe what you put inside your body and bring pure and nutritious foods to the menu. Such foods are

The Somatics of Yoga

Practitioners of yoga in modern times may start yoga with simple reasons such as toning, keeping fit, developing more flexibility, or as a way to help deal with stresses of life.  These are all good reasons to start yoga, and yoga will deliver all this, and so much more.  If

Meditations on Media Extravagancy

“Study broadly, inquire probingly, contemplate carefully, distinguish clearly, practice sincerely.” Confucius, The Doctrine of the Mean   Writings on the wall [1]   I don’t want to be dishonest here and overstate any benefits I’ve gained from classroom study of that assortment of badly translated aphorisms, temporally/ linguistically/ culturally mispositioned

Yoga & Me

Have been practising for years. When I just started yoga for fun and health at the community club. Never have i come to think that, i will practice it for so long or even to the point of taking up TTC. Through the years of practice, i started to realise


Yoga, union of body and mind. ‘The thousands of journey begin with one step’ – Lao Tze. We often learn one or two ancient philosophy quote as we grow up and this particular one influences me the most because I wouldn’t have accomplish many things in my life if I was

Three most important things Yoga has taught me

Starting from Jan 2021 with an “impure” purpose, I have regularly practiced Yoga for six months. I could not believe that I will genuinely love Yoga one day when my motivation was only to lose weight and become more flexible. Have I achieved my original goal? Kind of, I have

Inhale, Exhale and Apply Yamas to the Workplace

There are 8 Limbs of Yoga, each describing a different aspect of our yoga practice. These 8 Limbs can be applied beyond the mat and into life. The first limb refers to “Yamas”, which is known as moral discipline i.e. to be ‘moral’ in our current situation and in our

The Yamas and my Headstand Practice

I found Yoga Philosophy to be very abstract and difficult to understand when I first came across it during the YTT theory lessons. After thinking them through and reading more about them, I came to appreciate them more and see how they relate to our everyday lives and in my

Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah

In the western world, most of the people perceive yoga as another form of physical workout with relaxing benefits. Some people treat it next to veganism as another trend. Yoga studios are usually full but at the end when some of the teachers start chanting most of the practitioners leave