Supported Bridge Pose with block

Today, as we were sharing how to practice a back-bend while being in a restful position, one of the way is to do a supported bridge pose with block. I had learnt from many years ago to place the block directly under the sacrum, in the orientation of ‘ l ‘. It creates a firm support and lifts the sacrum, allowing the hips to be lifted up without using too much of strength and effort. 

Interestingly, 1 student shared a different way of placing the block. She suggested placing it in the direction of ‘ – ‘ under the pelvis.

Is there any correct way to place it? Or it is purely by comfort?

For me, it doesn’t make sense to place the block in the direction of ‘ – ‘ as it is supporting the ilium and sacrum together. No doubt, the hips are still being lifted, but it does not allow a fuller extension of the hip and the space between the L5-S1 gap is not fully stretched, and also there is still a possibility that the tailbone will sink down as compared to placing the block like ‘l’ under the sacrum.

Placing the block “l” way, it fully supports the sacrum upwards, by supporting on the lower part of the sacrum, it creates more space between L5 and S1, and allows more extension of the hip.

If it hurts on the bony parts of the sacrum, place a towel on the block in the direction of
” l “.

If you are very flexible, you probably may not feel any difference between the two.

Here, I want to share how it is being taught in the Iyengar tradition, by sharing this link to you: