Sunny Sattvic Salad

In need of a quick pick-me-up?
This is something I had for lunch last week that pleasing to the eyes, palate and tummy. Wish I could have more but I suppose I should practise Mitahara, or moderation – it’s good for a more sustainable planet. Ran the following recipe in a nutritional calculator, with an ounce of all the ingredients except for almond flakes (10 g) and romaine leaves (100 g). The calorie counts is below 200 calories for the salad plus dressing.
Fresh corn off the cob (steamed)
Julienned raw beets
Orange slices
Sweet potatoes
Almond flakes
Romaine leaves
Dressing of freshly made yogurt, orange juice, sea salt…and ok, I can’t help it, I just needed the rajasic kicker of some chillies and fresh onions in the dressing. I still had a few more hours in the office. Didn’t want tamas to get the better of me!