Slipped Disk and Yoga

Slipped Disk and Yoga

Slipped disk is a condition in which a disk in the spinal column becomes displaced from its normal position and presses on the spinal nerves, causing pain. Slipped disk usually develops over a period of time. Sometimes it can be caused by sudden jerky movements and weak spinal muscles. It can also be caused by rupture of the outer tough layer of the disk.

The Yoga magic to slip disk is simply phenomenal, i saw it first hand on my dad who in his early days use to have Slip disk and spondylitis and his only remedy was traction. I use to accompany him everywhere to help him and also to give him moral support but he suffered for nearly a yr after which some one introduced him to yoga and a few asanas to cure his problem. He joined Iyengar classes in India and you won’t believe it but in matter of a few months he regained his back muscle strength and was able to walk and lift things without any pain. He is an example to so many people suffering the same, that there is a cure first try yoga and if you tried continuously for years and find no solution then seek alternate solutions but always try yoga first.

So these are the asanas that helped him

You can start with stage 1 and go up to stage 3. Move on from one stage to another only if you are comfortable. Each stage requires a higher strength of the back and neck muscles than the previous ones.

Stage 1:

Makarasana, Jyestikasana, Advasana

Stage 2

Bhujangasana, Ardha Shalabhasana, Ardha Chakrasana, Marjariasana

Stage 3:

Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Ushtrasana

These asanas specifically work to strengthen the muscles and ligaments making them stronger. Remember to breathe from abdomen and not to tense your self. Also very important to follow good posture while standing and sitting, re train your mind to sit and move correctly and have patience it will improve slowly

Sharon Fernandez