The Ustrasana in me

Ustrasana aka Camel pose for me is such a great pose, it is practiced in nearly every branch of yoga. It’s the deepest backbend  which requires less strength and more spinal flexibility.  

Spending the whole day at a desk in front of the computer  this becomes a great stretch for my back. Since it helps open the shoulders, hips, back, and neck extension, it helps counteract my sometimes bad posture at my job. I love this asana as i feel so relaxed, stretched, a great chest opener, improves my respiration, releases my neck and shoulder pain . I always try to go bend back as much as possible to get a good stretch and then after it i get the most sound sleep. I recommend this pose for all those suffering with bad posture, desk jobs and for the phone lovers who can’t stay without their phone this is a good stretch 🙂 But it does require spinal flexibility so you may want to take it slow bending back as much as you can go and slowly but surely you will be able to touch your palms to your ankles and heck maybe even touch your head to your toes 😉 But like all asanas it comes with some contradictions so don’t try it if you have high or low blood pressure, serious neck and back pain(Always do it under supervision for serious problems) To my Sitting woes this asana is for you. Just remember to Breathe and all will be good 🙂

Sharon Fernandez