One session a day chase all the worries away

If you love Yoga but you just can’t find time for a yoga class after work, on weekend, or even lunch time. You may find my experience helpful. Do try waking up by 5:30AM and practice yoga for 30mins to 1 hour. 

Worry you will be too sleepy or exhausted to start your work? Don’t worry, it actually will BRIGHTEN your day! No need a fancy practice. What i tried for the first week was simple. 

1-Deep breathing / Kapalabahti

2- Surya Namaskra A & B – 3 rounds each

3- Standing – Sitting – Prone – Supine – Inversion poses (2 each, including counter pose)

4- A PROPER Savasana 

The first 3 steps activate my mind and body like recharging full battery for my whole day, while the proper Savasana just incredibly turn my sleepy heavy head into a featherlight mind!! 

Music is important to me to archieve a successful Savasana. I usually use meditation or simple instrumental music (one instrument or two only), low to middle pitch, slow paced. 

Unlike a morning run or other kind of sports, a morning yoga does make me happier and y day more efficient. My husband loves to wake up to a happy and healthy wife, and to a breakfast im more than happy to make after a wonderful yoga practice.

Please give it a try, and i hope you will be able to replace a rushing, sleepy morning, even your hectic Monday morning, with a happier day!

Mai Nguyen