Self improvement through yoga

Doing yoga and practising yoga with perfection and precision makes a whole world of difference. 

Throughout the past 2 weeks,  I learnt that the key word is Precision! I learnt that every pose and action that we do have to be precise. It has been eye-opening for me that there is so much more room to correct and adjust.  Personally, it has been about 4 years of going to various classes and studios to “learn” yoga, where the occasional alignments helped to tweak and correct certain postures. The adjustments that i have learnt in the past 2 weeks from Paalu, Wei ling and my classmates would probably take me more than 2 years to realise if I did not sign up for this course.

For example, in Virabhadrasana 1 and 2, the feet has to take over the exact same placement where the hand was. In downward dog position, the idea is to push the weight all the way back to the hips and engage the hip muscles. Among others, I learnt that there are so many muscles in our human body that the common man is oblivious to. 

Muscles are like metaphorical tools in our everyday lives. We have it in us but they are waiting for us to realise and activate them. Only then, the actions that we take in our everyday lives can be more precise, accurate and purposeful.

Some humans go through the motion of their lives like how they go through the motion of doing yoga. Doing things for the sake of doing it. Unconsciously, we might suscribe to the popular trends and the conventional definitions of success, and take actions without precision and purpose.  I look forward to the improvements and progressions that I can continue to strive for in yoga, and bring it forth to every aspect of my life.

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