A fleeting thought of this YTT course came to my mind in April 2016. I wanted to improve on my alignment and perhaps upgrade myself on something I love doing.

On the first day of the course, Master Paalu told us that attending this course is a consequence of our past thoughts. True enough, I did not come here on an overnight thought (although the action to sign up was an overnight excitable decision), but many little tiny thoughts paved my way here.

I had been doing yoga for about 3 months then and I thought perhaps to practice a little more before enrolling for the course. September seemed so far away then and I thought maybe I won’t even do it after all. Time was a factor.

When July came and I came to know that I might lose my job, that thought of joining the class seem further away but not gone. Money became a concern, but time was not a factor now.

I had to look for a job, reorganised myself and set plans for the unknown future. All this happened alongside my personal yoga routine.

When August came and I am still nowhere near a job, I thought about this course again. Do I want to do it, what is preventing me from doing it? If I don’t do it, I might not have the chance again. And if I do it, what if I found a job? Imagine the noise in my head. And then of course, there was a deadline for this popular course.

So I realign myself with my purpose again, and decided to do it. September is just going to be another long break for me anyway, I might as well make best use of it. I can worry about the money later, or steal someone else’s money. (just kidding)

So I signed up. Second day after I did, I got a job offer. Everything worked out in the end after all!

I think this displays the Satvic principle in karma yoga. – not being bothered about happenings and being centred on enthusiasm and intensity.

The course has thus ended, in the blink of an eye. I took a jog this morning to replace the time I used to go for classes. I felt a tingling sensation along my iliotibial band. Is this that chakra sensation that Master Paalu mentioned? Something is awakened in me.

I believe great things are in store for me.


Jia Qi
200hr YTT
September Weekday 2016