it's all in the head(stand)~

Never in my life I thought I would be able to do a headstand. Not even against a wall to assist. To be honest, I cannot even see my world in an inverted manner.

I learnt that to get up there, you have to learn to fall first. It is the fear of the unknown that inhibits us to do what we can actually do. I chose to know what the fall is going to be like in order to attempt the pose than deceiving myself that the wall is there, because I know it is not.

And after falling 7 times flat on my back, there were moments where I felt that sweet spot of that perfect harmony between the body and mind, albeit for a fleeting second. I was excited. That moment of self-realisation actually came when I began to see inverted images as normal. That was when I knew, I have gone a tiny step further into my practice.

I did it finally, for like 3 seconds.
But the point is. I did it.


As for the assessment, that is another story. 😖


Jia Qi
200hr YTT
September Weekday 2016