Santolasana (High Plank Pose)

English Name: High Plank Pose
Sanskrit Name: Santolasana
Step by Step Instructions:
Step 1:
All FoursCome onto all fours with palms shoulder width apart and directly under the shoulders. Press fingers and palms firmly into the mat. Slightly internally rotate the elbows having the eyes of the elbows facing each other. Shoulders are neutral not sunken into socket and not overly push out. Collar bone area broadened. Neutral spine, belly sucked in.
Step 2:
one leg back
Place one leg back, maintain neutral spine and activated core
Step 3:
Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 4.19.57 PM
Place the other leg back, balance on the balls and toes of the feet. Create one straight line from the top of the shoulders all the way to the heels. Suck in the belly button towards the spine, activate the core. No dipping or sagging of the butt and no over vertical lifting of the pelvic floor. Maintain position.

Muscles Activated:

  • Primary: Abdominals (erector spinae, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominus)


  • Physical: Isometric posture increases core strength and stability
  • Mental: Balancing postures aid the nervous system to become calm, steady and focused
  • Spiritual: Increased holding time of Santolasana will build the inner confidence aiding the soul to be uplifted and lighter.


  • Avoid sagging of the buttock area creating lower back pain
  • Avoid dipping of the shoulder blades creating neck and elbow strain
  • Avoid hyperextension of the elbows to avoid resting on the joints and which will lead to wrist pain


  • Not to be practiced with student has upper body injuries including back, neck, shoulder or arms.

Counter Pose:

  • Child’s pose, crocodile, cat or cow pose

Erica Tenggara (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 Weekend)

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