Asana: Kakasana
Level: Beginner- Intermediate
-Strengthens and tones the arm and abdominals
– Strengthens wrists
-Improve balance and concentration
Warm up: Lots of arm exercises (Chaturanga and plank) and hip opening (Monkey and tortoise) exercises.
1. Begin in the garland pose, squatting with your feet and knees separated wider than your hips. Do take note to do the above mentioned warm ups
2. Get ready a block and tip-toe on top of the block so as to allow lifting up of your torso. Remember to round your back, making yourself feel like a ball-  weight has been transferred forward to your arms and ready for the lift.
3. Lean your torso forward and extend your arms to place your hands on the floor in front of you. Widen your fingers and make sure they are deeply grounded into your mat.
4. Bend your elbows and rest your knees against your upper arms. Lift one side of your feet off the block, one at a time.
5. Once you are comfortable with lifting off one feet at a time off the block, exhale and slowly lift both feet away from the block. Remember to gaze at a spot in front of you to maintain balance.
6. Hold for 20 seconds and eventually to 1 minute as you furthered your practice.
P/S: If you are afraid of falling forward, place a blanket or pillow in front of you. It takes time to get into the pose. Do not rush into it.
Below is a short video on trying out Kakasana for the 1st time. Enjoy and have fun =)

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