Sadhana and Daily Rhythms

In yoga, we are told to do sadhana (dedicated practice) for 15 minutes every morning. This sadhana should involve pranayama, asanas, and meditation and should ideally be the way that we welcome our bodies into the day. 

When I first discovered Vipassana meditation 8 years ago, I thought to myself ‘If I were to do this practice every day, my life would change drastically.’ I kept at the practice with dedication and resolve for many months, straying away at times, and then returning, over the past 8 years. Sure enough, the benefits of meditation ended up being very self-evident.

Unfortunately, however, life can be turbulent and rhythms can be disrupted. My daily practice of mediation has waxed and waned, and is currently almost non-existent. 

I sincerely hope that – thanks to this nudge from this yoga teacher training – I might develop a new daily rhythm that incorporates both physical and meditative practice. 

Having a daily ritual to ground the attention in the body can make such a difference. I find myself being more aware, more present, and more grateful throughout the day. As I move about and interact with others, I hope to be responsible for the kind of energy I am carrying, spreading, and inviting.