The Quest to learn yoga properly

My Yoga journey started a year ago. Once my kids were grown up and I started contemplating the philosophy of different genres, yoga was the one that appealed to me.

Growing up with two parents in the army instilled a certain discipline in me at a very young age and the discipline in yoga also appealed to me.

I noticed with every yoga practice I felt a sense of calm. At my age I want to grab every moment: “Carpe Diem” and find time to do the things that give me joy, and happiness. Yoga is one of them.

I want to learn the many nuances of yoga and it takes much time and effort to learn what goes into each pose- the breathing, the muscles, the bones, the breathing and so much more. The 200 hours will probably be a glimpse of yoga so to speak but it is a start to learn the practice properly.

I also wanted to practice safely as i have a very ill husband and so cannot afford to injure myself, since I am his main caregiver.

The quest to find experienced teachers who have been vessels for over 20 years of knowledge finally led me to start this 200 hr TT course.

As one of the older students I have learnt to listen to signals my body sends me in class and know when to back off.

However I have also learnt to overcome fear and do a sirasana!!

I hope to learn the philosophy of yoga and so far after just two weekends of classes I feel enriched and blessed and so thankful of following this one dream.

Miss Army offspring!!