Preparing the yoga teaching

It’s coming to the last week of the training, we enter into the teaching part. I was thinking that it should be a very good time to prepare our teaching because the Chinese New Year. We have more time. BUT in the end I have to go to relatives’ home everyday.

For the preparing period, I should say it is like constipation, sometimes got an idea but couldn’t come out properly. And have to sit for quite a long time to do. I look inside deeper, find that I am too stress, follow by anxiety, then I can’t even eat with relaxed mode, my whole body are contracted by thinking on one thing- how to plan the class.

Actually I’m not worry about the sequence of asanas, I’m worry about what I should talk in between the asanas, I always concern about my poor English, if I talk too much, will show that I m not professional. It makes me no confidence. That’s why they said my teaching is monotonous, like work out instructor. 😂

As master said no one is perfect, everybody is learning, the important thing is confidence, and it takes some time to gain experience. Just  teach simple postures but more details and preparation to the posture and master it.