Practice yoga and feel the difference yourself

When we talk about exercise, first thing people usually will think of is running or weight training but when someone introduce yoga, the common reaction or feedback is ‘im not flexible enough to do yoga’. Um… this is NOT right. If we talk about flexibility in yoga, it can be improved with consistent proper practice and stretching. Just like people who wants to build muscles through weight lifting. Rarely you hear people saying ‘im not strong enough to lift weights’ and put a big NO sign upfront. People will still lift according to their body needs and the effect of consistent training, it helps to build muscles.

Anyway, flexibility is not the prerequisite or the only thing when it comes to yoga. So don’t get intimidated. Yoga is for everyone. Check out the link below.

Yoga is so much more that just performing physical poses. Breathing technique, meditations, relaxation is also part of yoga. Yoga is a full mind and body training as it has the potential to calm the mind, improve concentration, strengthen the body and benefiting the overall well-being of a person.
On the mat, you just need to focus on your breath, accept what your body can do, no comparisons or judgment, explore and listen to your own body, learn with an open heart and mind, and keep showing up to feel the benefits. Like any other exercises, you gets better with regular practice. Consistency is the key!

My mind was blown after I enrolled myself into the yoga teacher training course, I have learned so much from the philosophy, executing the correct muscles in postures, etc. This made me realise that I know only a pea size about yoga before this. I feel that yoga not only must be performed on the mat it can be also practice off the mat as well. One of the benefit I have already experiencing in daily life is better stress management at work with ujjayi or oceanic breath. It has also help to stay more focus when stress kicks in.

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