Pilates Matwork Instructor Course | Singapore

Our Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification course sheds light on Joseph Pilates’ concepts and correct techniques. You’ll work on contrology and the activation of fine, deep muscles. After this course, you’ll be certified to teach Pilates Matwork to beginner and intermediate practitioners.


  • Commitment to self study of musculoskeletal anatomy

It is recommended that participants should have done Pilates exercises before coming for the course. For those without prior experience, be prepared for a challenging course.


Total – 80 hours

  •     Theory, Instructional and supervised teaching of Pilates exercises – 25 hours (5 hours daily X 5 days)
  •     15 hours of self-study/assignment
  •     20 hours of self-practice/observation
  •     20 hours of teaching

Theory content:

  • Basic concepts on Anatomy of Human Body
  • What are cells, tissues, organs and systems?
  • Skeletal System –
    • Introduction, the Appendicular Section
    • The Axial Section
    • Types of Joints
  • Muscular System –
    • The 3 planes
    • Names of Muscles, Origin and Insertion
    • Neck, Chest and Trunk
    • Back, Shoulders and Arm
    • Hip and Legs
    • Concept of Isometric, Eccentric and Concentric contractions
  •     History & Background of Pilates
  •     Overview of Pilates Exercise
  •     The Basic Principles
  •     Breakdown of each exercise
  •     Analysis of muscle groups, alignment, movement for each exercise
  •     Modifications for different body types
  •     Modifications to increase or decrease exercise intensity
  •     Recognizing mistakes and adjusting students
  •     Instructional Cues and vocabulary, analogy
  •     Beginner Mat Series
  •     Intermediate Mat Series
  •     Power Mat Series
  •     Class Programming
  •     Teaching Methodology
  •     Postural Analysis
  •     Personal Class vs Group Classes


  •     Theory Exam
  •     Practical Exam
  •     Teaching Exam

Requirements to obtain the Certificate:

  •     Minimum of 90% attendance
  •     Obtain at least 60% in teaching exam
  •     Obtain at least 60% in theory exam
  •     Complete 20 hours of self-practice, observation and 20 hours of teaching within 3 months from the last day of course

Course Fee:

SGD 1600, inclusive of manuals, examination and certification fees.

Early bird fee: SGD 1300 (must sign up and pay full at least 8 weeks before the start date of the course)


Full payment is required upon registration.

You can register online and make payment with credit card.

You can also do bank transfer. For bank transfer details, please leave us a message.

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