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Our Pilates Matwork Instructor Certification course sheds light on Joseph Pilates’ concepts and correct techniques. You’ll work on contrology and the activation of fine, deep muscles. After this course, you’ll be certified to teach Pilates Matwork to beginner and intermediate practitioners.


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What could be expected?

  • Practical (Pilates Exercises): Basic Principles, Beginners Pilates Matwork Series and Intermediate Pilates Matwork Series
  • Modification, options and variations of each exercises
  • Theory
  • Teaching

Theory content:

  • Basic concepts on Anatomy of Human Body
  • What are cells, tissues, organs and systems?
  • Skeletal System –
    • Introduction, the Appendicular Section
    • The Axial Section
    • Types of Joints
  • Muscular System –
    • The 3 planes
    • Names of Muscles, Origin and Insertion
    • Neck, Chest and Trunk
    • Back, Shoulders and Arm
    • Hip and Legs
    • Concept of Isometric, Eccentric and Concentric contractions
  •     History & Background of Pilates
  •     Overview of Pilates Exercise
  •     The Basic Principles
  •     Breakdown of each exercise
  •     Analysis of muscle groups, alignment, movement for each exercise
  •     Modifications for different body types
  •     Modifications to increase or decrease exercise intensity
  •     Recognizing common mistakes
  •     Instructional Cues and vocabulary, analogy
  •     Beginner Mat Series
  •     Intermediate Mat Series
  •     Class Programming
  •     Postural Analysis

What will be given?

  • Pilates Training Manual
  • Anatomy slides
  • List of muscles to learn
  • Cheat Sheet on Pilates Beginners Routine and Intermediate Routine
  • Videos to learn the Pilates exercises with detailed explanation
  • Full Beginners Pilates Matwork Workout video
  • Full Intermediate Pilates Matwork Workout video
  • Logsheet to record teaching hours


What is expected of the student?

  • Self reading of the manual and anatomy slides
  • Watch anatomy videos
  • Learn the list of muscles
  • Watch Pilates videos provided and practice segments of the exercises until you are familiar
  • Work out with the full Beginners Series Video (recommended at least 5 times)
  • Work out the full Intermediate Series Video (recommended at least 5 times)
  • Practice giving instructional cues and demo



  • Online Theory Exam with 60 multiple choice questions. (60% to pass)
  • Livestream practical exam. The examiner will give you a list of 10 exercises to perform. (60% to pass)
  • Record a video of yourself teaching a Pilates class (between 1 to 4 students) for 20 min. Please make sure the video and audio quality is clear.


What is required to obtain the Certification?

  • Complete 20hrs of practice
  • Complete 20hrs of teaching your friends/family
  • Email us the log sheets
  • Pass the 3 sections of exam as listed above. (Please email us at least 1 week in advance to book an appointment when you are ready for the exam)
  • Once they’re done, we will email you the certificate!


Course Fee:

SGD 487 only!



Full payment is required upon registration.

You can register online and make payment with credit card.


Pilates Matwork Instructor Course (Online)


Get certified as Pilates Instructor now!

Originally our course fees (classroom learning) is $1800. Enrol now to do the course online with exactly the same contents and get the same certification paying only a fraction of the cost.

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