Part-time Yoga Teachers (in-training). Full time Yogis.

We train hard every day from the wee hours of the morning, to just slightly past noontime. We dedicate the first 3 hours to sweating it out as we push through the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa series, and the next 2 to the theories and philosophies behind the practice of Yoga. Even after we graduate, we are all mindful of the fact that an hour’s practice a day is good for us. But yoga goes beyond the time that we spend at a studio or on our mats. It is not just about the physical workout that we get from our asana practice, or the breath control that we can attain from consistent pranayama – yoga is a lifestyle.


To be very honest, I embarked upon my journey as a yogi with the desire to keep fit and perfect all those funky-looking poses. But in the 3 weeks that I have spent at Tirisula yoga, I have realized that yoga goes way beyond that. It is a state of mind, it is not defined by actions alone, but by the unity of past and present, heart and mind, breath and soul.


I have come to realize that being a good yoga instructor should not be something that is results-oriented. It should not just be about how well I can do the poses myself or how quickly my students can improve under my teaching. The basis of a good teacher would fundamentally boil down to our intention and attitude that we have toward sharing what we know – selflessly, generously and with a heart of gratitude. In fact these are the very things that govern the results that we can achieve with our students, so while skill is key in the making of a good teacher, I believe that success all boils down to the purity of our hearts.


At this point, my 4th week in training is just over and I will continue to stay mindful of my practice. I cannot say how grateful I am for all the opportunity and support that I have been blessed with to allow me to be attending this course today. To be able to graduate from this course will be one of the achievements that I will be most proud of in my entire life. I used to be unsure, but I can now say with conviction that yoga is my passion. I simply love it!