Thoughts on Yoga & Happy Eating

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I have a confession to make! I committed the sin of gluttony last night and I allowed myself to have 1 huuuuge scoop of ice cream. There goes my attempt to follow a strict Sattvic diet 🙁 Okay not really, achieving such a lofty goal would probably have been a tad bit too difficult for me, but I have been trying to eat cleaner since I have started the teacher training course.


There’s a saying that goes, “You are what you eat – so don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.” Indeed, if you practice hard enough, you will soon be able to tell what a person’s diet is like simply by looking at and interacting with them. What you eat has the power to change how often you fall sick, how glowy your skin is, how long you can hold your asanas for and even how energetic you are as you go about living a typical day.


Go raw! Go vegan! There are many out there who advocate for these clean diets because eating the “right” foods are crucial for optimal functioning of our vehicle that is the human body. I am definitely conscious of what I eat. I avoid most of what may be classified under what is (not so) fondly known to us as junk food. BUT in all honesty, I believe that the single golden dietary rule to live by would be simply: to eat everything in moderation.


I am personally not one to stand for anything that requires swinging to any extremes, so if your stomach, heart and mind yearns for that scoop of velvety dark chocolate ice cream, then… think about it carefully. Do you really need it? When was the last time you indulged? Giving in to your cravings every now and then can help you better manage the willpower and stamina that you need to maintain a clean diet in the longer run. Think about it – short term failure for long term success. Cheat days are definitely worth it!! (Note that they are called cheat days because they are special days and special days should not happen too often.)


The occasional treat ain’t all that bad either. Chocolate, ice cream and honey are can give you a boost of serotonin (your happy hormone!). So if it makes you happy, why not? But like I said before, the key word here is moderation. To have control over your mind, body and soul, you must first have control over what makes up your mind, body and soul – and that is the food that you eat. Do not allow your mind to get the better of you or this might happen:



…and you’ll probably feel as depressed and sluggish as the cute cartoon stomach appears to be.


When the cravings kick in, it can help to think of alternatives that can satisfy your taste buds all the same. A good alternative to lusciously creamy ice cream that we all love would be my all-time-favourite greek yogurt. I have my daily serving of this every day during break time. Not only does it taste absolutely heavenly with a teaspoon of honey (serotonin!!!), it provides a good dose of complete protein after an intense 2.5 hours of killer asana practice, the much needed calcium for our bones and joints, lots of probiotics to help keep our digestive tracts churning healthily and it’s also great for people who are lactose intolerant!! (Because bacteria would have already digested some of that nasty lactose :))


So if you’re ever looking for a delicious post-asana snack to fuel your body for the next 2 hours of brain-intense theory class, please do consider a cup full of chilled greek yogurt to give your body that little touch of love and gratitude that it deserves.


So in conclusion: greek yogurt 6 days a week; ice cream just once.


(Hope you guys catch my drift.


And p.s. I’m really not just trying to justify the scoop of ice cream that I had last night haha!)





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