Non-slip Yoga Towel Mat For The Sweatiest of Palms

Whoever said you can’t drip sweat while practicing yoga? Whether you have sweaty palms or are a hot yoga junkie, a yoga mat that does not slip under your hands and feet from the sweat of your practice is essential. I especially have sweaty palms on and off the mat.

When I went to my very first yoga class without my own non-slip mat, I had a hard time staying in a downward facing dog. My heels couldn’t touch the mat, my shoulders were tight and my palms were sliding forward due to the sweat. To say I was struggling doesn’t even scratch the surface. Looking around me, I saw how all the graceful yogis had a mat of their own laid over the studio’s mat. I became a woman on a mission to look for my own non-slip mat.

I didn’t want to lug around a full sized yoga mat each time I attended a yoga class because if I had plans after class, I won’t have to carry a bulky mat around. So I did my research and found non-slip yoga towel mats. Here are the mats I’ve tried over the years!

Yoga Movement Grippy Mat $75

In my first few yoga classes, I saw these vibrant eye-catching yoga towels next to mine and I couldn’t help but to ask where I can grab one for myself. I bought it the very next day. The towels are long enough to cover the whole length of the average yoga studio in-house mat. I especially love the variety of colourful designs on the mat.

Not only is it grippy, but its pretty too. This towel’s premium microfiber material quickly absorbs moisture and also dries fast. They’re also lightweight, extremely absorbent, and of course, stop my hands and feet from slipping in difficult poses.

Aloyoga Grounded No-Slip Towel $92

These mats feels velvety soft under my palms and feet. Its slightly thicker than the YM grippy mat. The mat comes in 6 solid colours with  a grip pattern backing that sticks to the mat for a slip-free practice. The measurements are 74″x26″ which is much longer than most mats in the yoga studios. It’s perfect for taller yogis who hates it when their head or feet hang off the end of the yoga mat.

As I sweat, the velvety towel absorbs all my sweat and actually gets stickier, leaving no risk of slipping as my body heats up. Even in a Hot Yoga class where I’m dripping in sweat, the mat never failed me. However, although it’s compact, because it is thicker and longer than most mats, its slightly heavier to carry around. Although, I must say, it is really expensive. I love it, but my wallet cries.

Decathlon Non-slip Yoga Towel $27

By far, my favourite. The best thing of all is that it is inexpensive. It’s affordable, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheaply made. The textured weave strikes the perfect balance between softness and grip. Its durable and washes well – the colour doesn’t bleed during a wash.

Over all, non-slip yoga towels are my go-to for practicing in-studios as I can toss it in the washing machine right away when I get home. Its hassle free and convenient!  Also, having the peace of mind when I lay my forehead or cheek on the mat without thinking about who’s sweat has dripped on the mat before I came is definitely a plus!

Slip & Slide no more! Here’s to a more enjoyable yoga session!