Meditating before a dance competition

On the 13th of May 2021 —which is just yesterday as I’m writing this on the 14th— after the YTT class at 1pm, I went off for my 1st dance competition. Thus far, I’ve only ever performed professionally/in school throughout my dance journey, but never have I participated in a competition as a solo competitor. Yesterday was my first.

Something about the word “competition” drives me more nervous than I normally would be for a performance, although technically I will still be doing the same thing: going on stage to dance.

I was stressing out and overthinking the entire time while waiting for my turn, so I decided to try meditation to see if it would help me regain composure (another first for me yesterday) because I’ve only heard of but never experienced the benefits of meditation for myself. 

Ahamkara Mudra

I also googled “mudras for self-confidence”, as holding mudras during meditation channels the energy flow in the body and reinforces specific healing states of the mind1, and Ahamkara Mudra showed up. 

This mudra stimulates the solar plexus (definition: a complex of ganglia and radiating nerves of the sympathetic system at the pit of the stomach)2, and helps to overcome our fears and doubts, giving us confidence and peace3.

Throughout my meditation, I kept chanting internally “I can do this” while trying to visualize myself on stage dancing, but it was not an easy task at all.



I realized that I had to put in the effort to actively concentrate on the dance itself because there were so many other thoughts in my head and my legs were getting numb from sitting.

Towards the end, there were a couple of moments in which I felt that I was “floating” in my mind. I felt as if there is a huge water droplet shifting around in my skull. Although I’m not sure if it was my body physically shifting that caused the illusion, but what was interesting about it was that I did not recognize that I was in the state until I “went out” of it. 

I ended my meditation when I felt that I was confident in my abilities and mentally stable, which to my surprise was an hour-long. (note: it is not healthy to hold a mudra for more than 45mins!) The effects of the meditation were lovely. I felt different being on stage. There was a sense of comfort and reassurance that came from within while I was dancing, and I could feel the energy flowing through my body and my intentions coming from my heart. It was a good first experience and I would definitely practice this again for future performances! 

— Mandy, 3 May YTT 2021