Live with your trueself

before coming to this course, I merely know about the whole philosophy behind Yoga. What we could learn in the usual 1-hour class was only asana, and no yoga teacher would spend time on teaching us the philosophy.

in a more simple way, the philosophy that we had a chance to learn in Tirisula with Master Paalu was the way that people who do yoga (aka. “yogis”) think, the way they live their lives. They are reflected in the asana, in the ability to meditate, to control not only your body but also your mind.

one of the philosophy that i like the most, is “Satya”, which means “honesty”, “truthfulness”. When one can achieve Satya, he is able to say what he means, to live with his trueself, and without “faking” his own feelings, his own thoughts, for any reason.

in nowadays society, people are blocked by the socalled “common sense”, and one would be afraid of being different from others. thus, he pretends to be the same, either not to be criticized by others, or to satisfy others. It’s a great sadness of one’s life. 

I believe in uniqueness, I believe that theres nothing wrong being yourself. The more honest a person is, the more I trust him/her, although he/she might hurt me with his words.

I do think by promoting Satya in each of us, we will be able to enjoy our life more, because there’s nothing happier than being who we truly are. We will also be able to connect better with each other for honesty is the key to trust, and trust is the key to love.

May we all be able to live with our trueself.




Mai Nguyen