Lesson Plan – Beginner’s Class (1hr)

Introduction: 5mins
–       Greet class with name introduction
–       Ask for any medical information
–       Introduce a sequence (Standing, Sitting & Finishing)
Start with breathing: 5mins
–       Sit on the mat with legs cross or half leg lotus
–       Inhale & exhale deep and long to encourage more oxygen intake
–       Mention to relax the body & mind
–       Place hands on the belly & breathe in and out for 5 times
–       Introduce to try Ujjayi breathing
Warm up: 5mins
–       Standing in front of the mat
–       Move all joints
–       Head rotation, gently rotate up & down and right to left
–       Shoulders rotation, gently rotate back & forward
–       Hips rotation, gently rotate clockwise & anti-clockwise
–       Knees rotation, bending down the knees & rotate clockwise & anti-clockwise
–       Ankles rotation, circling clockwise & anti-clockwise
Sun Salutation: 10mins
– Inhale, raise the arms up & look up to focus on the thumbs
– Exhale; bend the back forward & straightening the spine. Place the palms next to the feet
– Step or jump to the back of the mat & come down to downward dog
– Inhale, come to plank pose
– Exhale, drop the knees, chest & chin on the floor
– Inhale; lift the body up to upward dog
– Exhale; lift the body up to downward dog again
– Inhale, step the right leg forward between hands & then step the left leg forward
– Exhale fold down
– Inhale, come up & look up
– Exhale, come back palms together at chest & repeat on the left leg
Warrior 1 (Virabhadrasana A): 5mins
–       Inhale, step the right leg back, turn the body around, bend the right knee at 90 degree angle, raise the arms up, put the palms together & gaze at the thumbs. Stay for 5 breaths
–       Exhale, come back & repeat on the left leg
Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana B): 5mins
–       Inhale, step the right leg back, spread the arms open, bend the right knee at 90-degree angle, gaze at the right hand. Stay for 5 breaths
–       Exhale, come back & repeat on the left leg
West Posterior Stretch Pose (Paschimottanasa A, B, C & D): 10mins
–       Start with sitting on the mat
–       Inhale, reach the arms up
–       Exhale, Fold from the hips & try to hold the big toes (A) Stay for 5 breaths
–       Inhale, look up
–       Exhale, try to hold the soles (B) Stay for 5 breaths
–       Inhale, look up
–       Exhale, try to bind the wrist(C) Stay for 5 breaths
–       Inhale, look up
–       Exhale, hands on the floor (D) Stay for 5 breaths
* If students are not flexible enough to touch the toes, just try reaching forward as much as possible keeping the spine as straight as possible *
East Anterior Stretch Pose (Purvattanasana): 5mins
–       Place the hands about 1 feet away from the hips
–       Externally rotate the shoulders, lift the chest
–       Inhale, raise the body up & relax the neck
–       Press the soles firmly down & squeezing the inner thighs together
–       Exhale, release & lie back on the mat.
Corpse Pose (Savasana): 5mins
–       Start stretching yourself as though someone is pulling your head away from your feet
–       Shoulders down & away from your neck.
–       Legs down & away from your pelvis
–       Breath deeply & slowly from your abdomen.
–       With the eyes close, hold the pose for 3 to 5 mins making sure your mind is still & try to concentrate on your breathing
–       Bend your knees, using your legs, push yourself onto one side
–       Push yourself in a sitting position
End of class: 5mins
–       Sitting with legs cross, place the palms on the knees facing downwards or upwards & open the eyes
–       Ask the class how they are feeling
–       Invite class to ask any questions on the routines & exercises they just did
–       Find out if the class is easy or challenging for them as beginners