Lentil Lasagna – Vegetarian Recipe


Serving: 4/6
Time: 30 minutes cooking and 15 – 20 minutes oven

250 gr green Lentils.
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
2 Carrots peeled and chopper small
1 ½ Tomatoes chopped small
1 Red Onion chopped small
1 ½ lt Vegetable Stock
Toast Sesame Seeds
1 ¼ cup Milk
2 Tbsp Corn Flour
1 small can Nestle Cream
Salt, Pepper, Nutmeg
Lasagna Pasta
Cheedar cheese
Parmesan Cheese
1 Step
(Soak the Lentils 30 minutes before start cooking in hot water).
Heat the oil in a wok, put carrots, onion and tomatoes together until tender. Drain the Lentils and add to the wok stir for 5 minutes. Then cover the lentils with the vegetable stock and keep in a medium heat until the lentils are cooked but not soft.
2 Step (White sauce)
Heat a pot put 1 cup of milk, nestle cream, salt pepper and nutmeg. Beside stir ¼ cup milk and corn flour. When is boiling the milk add the mix and stir until turn sticky.
Cook the pasta
3 Step
In a greased and floured baking glass put a pasta layer, on top half lentils, Cheddar cheese, pasta layer, lentils layer, cheddar cheese, pasta layer, cover with white sauce, sesame seeds and parmesan cheese.
Bring to the oven for 15 – 30 minutes or until the cheese turn gold.
Claudia, Jun 2015, 200hr YTTC/HathaAshtanga