2 years ago, one day I woke up with the idea to start running. I mentioned this to my husband and he just asked me: you never run more than 100 mts, so why would you want to run now?
I answered that, if all people in Singapore run every day, regardless of weather or time of day; they may do that because it is fun.
He smiled and gave me my first step to run, a book called “ChiRunning”. The book is about the basic techniques of proper running, instructing about the right muscles (upper and lower body), pelvic rotation, perfect alignment, breathing, gravity assisted and injury-free running. 2 years later I have run a 12K competition after more than 700 kilometers of training, sparing any injury, because I always tried to have the necessary basics in line.
One week prior to finishing my Yoga Teacher Training I am again reminded about the importance to know, be aware and preserve the fundamentals once learned, the foundation of any further progress.
Before practicing a new activity in your life (sports, painting, cooking, stitching, etc.) or beginning new personal or professional project you shall know its specific fundamentals.
What the best approach to properly understand the fundamentals of anything you like to learn?
One of the greatest inventor, genius of the middle ages had his own recipe. Leonardo Da Vinci applied 7 principles to properly learn :

  • Curiosity (desire to learn more),
  • Demonstration (use the experience to the fullest – he wrote:” Experience never errs”),
  • Sensation (“All our knowledge comes from our perceptions”),
  • Sfumato (“become smoke”: willingness to accept uncertainty),
  • Art/science (Study the science of art and the art of science),
  • Corporality (personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing)
  • Connection (combining and connecting elements – be a seeker of relations between body, mind and emotions)

His approach is especially interesting to learn the fundamentals of Yoga, because Yoga does not only need physical technique but also a training of mind and spirit.
Every day after yoga class, I am aware, conscious about how my body and mind, emotions and thoughts have aligned during class.
Applying Da Vinci’s principles during yoga leads my physical body into all its possible dimensions and into effective, effortless poses while my mind and soul are in harmony and unity.
I invite you to explore deeply the principles, to apply it to your practice and maintain good health and being in balance.
Love and Light,
Claudia, Jun 2015, 200hr YTTC/HathaAshtanga