My Right Versus My Left

“I don’t have strength in the my shoulders”, “I can’t hold a plank”, “Core is not strong enough”, “I need to lose weight” All statements are true but I honestly used these statements as excuses to avoid discipline in life. And these excuses were always me justifying to myself. Finally I joined yoga sessions, challenged myself with TRX to gain strength which I did.   But I think I enjoy yoga over other forms of fitness activities. So, yoga and long walks stayed with me.

While practicing yoga, I always felt that my right side is stronger than my left (of course I am right handed). So all the postures I attempted  would do better on my right. Be it balancing poses like Vriksasana, Garud Asana and Uttita Hast Padangushta Asana or the binds in Ek Pada Paschimottan Asana and Marichya Asana. After a couple of years of practice I realized that my left side is more open than the right side. So I could lift my left leg higher and bind easily on my left side in asanas. And I always thought I clearly understood my strengths and weaknesses 🙂 

Now that I am trying to understand the anatomy and science behind yoga asanas, it is evident to me that each asana works on different muscle group, has differing impact on our internal organs and how both the sides can be reasonably strong which eventually leads to stability-of posture and of mind.

After 36 years of life, it is finally good to know that my left is not as weak as I thought it to be.